Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rodarte for Target Fitting Room!

My Target had some pieces from the collection on Tues- not sure how long they have been in store, but they are definitely missing half of the collection, hopefully to be in store later in the month.

Rodarte® for Target® Juniors Leopard Print Lace Dress - Black/Yellow


The dress seen on Dakota Fanning in Teen Vogue - I am wearing a 3 and I would say this collection runs true to size. (12/29) The promo photos show this dress with a looser fit, but the tighter, bodycon fit worked better on me. As usual, this will be small if you have a booty. The dress has a back zipper and bows that snap on over the zipper. The bows can be removed and are difficult to snap on the back of the dress without assistance. I am wearing the bows half snapped on, half hanging off in the photo. W hated this dress.

Rodarte® for Target® Juniors Sequin Leopard Print Dress - Gray

This dress is cute but very low cut, and you could probably find something similar at H&M. (12/29)Boring and overpriced IMO
on the model


Angela said...

oh wow can't believe your store already had these out! Mine doesn't yet. =\ Did you buy anything?

Kimmy said...

I didn't buy anything-not in the budget at the moment :( also I'm waiting for more pieces to go on the floor