Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chanel Tattoos + Cutout Top Look 7/16

BB Dakota Celia Top
AE bandeau
Chanel tattoos ($75) review: these are easy to apply and last a surprisingly long time, longer than standard temporary tattoos. I wasn't sure about the hefty price but they are gorgeously drawn and worth it IMO. I'm excited to try a more complicated design. I found these on ebay under retail, otherwise you can purchase online with free shipping until August 8,2010 11:59PM
with flash

Rachel Leigh bracelet from the shopbop 70% off sale- kind of overpriced even with the big discount, but I quite like it.


Fish Fish said...

Oh gosh~~~ that CC tattoo on your back is so sexy! It is as thought it is dangling from the rim of your shirt!! Did you apply it yourself? How long did it last?

Kimmy said...

it lasts for a week before it starts to fade! W helped me apply the cc to my back but they are just like any temporary tattoo. I love yours from kat von d!