Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Akihabara: Don Quijote, Ita color's yellow nail salon, Deco Latte and Sanrio Danshi

Totoro nail art from Ita color's yellow in Don Quijote, Akihabara
I'm a massive fan of the Don Quijote store in Akihabara. They sell food, cosmetics, clothes, and toys, and I recently discovered an otaku nail salon on the bottom floor. On my most recent visit I stopped by the Ita color's yellow nail salon and got a walk-in appointment. The salon has loads of their nail art featuring anime characters and idols on display. The artist assured me that she could do a full manicure or just one character nail if I wished. I showed the artist a photo of Totoro from my phone, and she took a photo of this on her phone and worked off it during our session. After I picked out a base color, she began mixing paint colors and hand-painted a flawlessly detailed Totoro on my thumb nail. She applied individual pieces of glitter at the very end. The whole process took over half an hour and was worth every penny!
If you've never seen a blue duck, look out at the entrance!

1100 yen per 10 minutes and it's OK only 1 finger

Amazing artist at work!
Don't forget to do some shopping after your fab new mani! I did a mini haul of these Deco Latte featuring Rilakkuma and Gudetama and spotted the Sanrio Boys or Sanrio Danshi on a line of birthday cards. I didn't find any other Sanrio Danshi merchandise on this trip so I scooped up a card to send a friend.

Deco Latte from Rilakkuma and Gudetama plus Sanrio Danshi card
Rilakkuma Deco Latte in my Starbucks 

Gosso nose hair remover :-p

Halloween edition KitKat! Pumpkin flavor?

Sake flavor KitKat
Ramen noodle machine

I don't know these lady characters but they want to sell you water and more from their vending machine

Kose Coen Rich Q10 Snoopy and Belle whitening cream

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