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Sanrio Boys Recap, Season 1 Episode 2: Gift Gate After the Rain

Season 1 Episode 2: Gift Gate After The Rain
Air date: Jan. 13, 2018
Language: Crunchyroll English subtitles

Episode 2 starts with Yuu and Shushu in the shower (separately). Shushu tells someone off screen that he's used their towel. Yuu asks someone off screen, "Can't we go together sometime?" They meet outside adjacent Twin Towers and head to school.

At school, Kouta talks to Tsucchi and Macchi about the Sanrio Boys. It's well known that Yuu and Shushu love Sanrio characters, but they're still popular and cool despite having a few haters. Kouta can't understand how they can be so open about it. Later at home, Kouta's mother is surprised to see his old "favorite thing" Purin back in his bedroom. Kouta bristles at the description and says, "It's not food, don't say it like that."
Kouta keeping his legs shut

The next day at lunch, Yuu invites Kouta to go shopping at Gift Gate after school. Yuu is loose and relaxed, while Kouta snaps his legs closed tight at the idea of perusing new Sanrio goods. He claims that he doesn't like Sanrio at all and leaves the lunch room. Shushu tells Yuu that he's too pushy, and Yuu wonders if Shushu is jealous. Kouta bumps into shirtless Student Council President Minamoto inviting students back to the student council room.
High school Student Council President

Later in the week, Kouta returns home from school to find that his mother has accidentally sent Purin away with the recycling. He freaks out and runs into the street to find Purin. It starts raining and he falls on his face. He's lost Purin and his grandma, who believed that he could do anything. Yuu and Shushu find him miserable in the rain. Kouta asks Yuu, "How can you admit that you love things so easily and not be ashamed?!" Yuu grabs him by the collar quick and yells, "There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in loving something!" Yuu and Shushu take Kouta to Okada Recycling and find Purin.

Kouta is ready to do Kouta. He loves Pompompurin and he's going shopping at Gift Gate with the Sanrio Boys! After the ending credits, the Boys leave Gift Gate all feeling pleased with themselves. Suddenly they're spotted by a girl named Yuri who looks exactly like Yuu. She calls them disgusting and asks, "Aren't you ashamed of yourself, Brother?" She is terrible.

Boys basics

Key Quote: "I love the Pompompurin that my grandma gave me!"

Shirtless Boys: Kouta, Yuu, Shushu, and Student Council President Minamoto all take off their tops

Best drink: Mackerel Cola

Episode Factoid: The Musashi-Kosugi Gift Gate is the image at the top of Sanrio's store introduction page.

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